Friday, December 18, 2009

Show Case of Small Step at KIMFF

The screening of the Small Step at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) was fun. We didn't win but the applause we got from people when it was screened was an encouragement to us to do even better next time. As I recall something I read in a book back then. It said that becoming first is not that hard but to maintain that position is harder. Today I see a bright future for all those who are in creative fields. Slowly Nepal is also keeping up with the technology and most of all they are becoming more open minded towards new things and gimmicks.
A standing ovation goes to off to KIMFF, and Himal Association for putting on such an event year after year to encourage people to think about issues that generally they are not interested in. Climate Change has been a hot burning issue in the recent years. Despite this fact it’s only been used in the political debts and discussions. Today people living on this planet have to be aware about this situation and change.
Involving younger generations to advocate and to educate their fellow beings is what the need of the hour is. Events like KIMFF is for sure the stepping platform for young and talented creative people.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

light table!!!

today is the day that i used light table for the very first time in my life. 2d animation have always been soo flexible, freedom and inspiring to me. its just that it takes a long time but the result is fantastic with feelings, flow and is a complete form of art. using light table for the first time was a fantastic feeling. im already in love with it. It is a simple box that i ordered the carpenter to build it according to the design i gave. its not perfect thought like what the professionals at big studio use. but im already happy very very happy.
ok people ill soon put some rough works when i do some with light box.
see u soon

Sunday, September 13, 2009

background updates

hi everybody!!! ok i was busy with planning and bringing out background concepts for animated short " escape". well you can all see what i came up with during my work on the short. i am simultaneously animating the characters too. ok here it is some of the backgrounds for the short.
ill add more updates . keep visiting

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Just a reminder for my animation class.

1. will be searching an animated clip from disney animated feature to let the student copy it. this helps to understand the body arc, motion, poses and timing much clear.

2. take a shot from one of my animation clip and discuss the involved principles, planning and making about it.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making of "Small Step"

Making of Small Step

Today we are going to talk about how we managed to come up with the complete short “Small Step” . Dont expect this is gonna be grand one ( as simple as possible hehe )Well it is about pollution and a simple solution.

The concept

The concept was influenced from the reality picture of a present Kathmandu city. Every day the garbage and waste products gets dumped into the river running through valley. The river now runs real slow and black with odder. So we thought we can give message to people out there and especially to the children as they are the ones who would be the leaders one day. Making an exact mirror about the subject wouldn’t be exciting. So we came up with the characters that twined the whole subject into fantasy one which the children love. The garbage monster and the boy.


The background images were created from the reference photograph of houses in Kathmandu.

Story board

Well after the concept was clear enough, we started story boarding. Actually it was supposed short of about 5-6 minutes. We had the shorts where the big war takes place between the monster and the army, people running all over the place, other extra shots and all. Later on we eliminated those scene coz we didn’t want the story line to go on and on which would be boring and very lengthy. So we put only the beautiful and clear shots.


For animation part we were thinking about doin it in 3d. We didn’t have a rigger and it would take a lot of time to model different set for different shots. Later on we started animating in flash. And that took pretty long time to get done with the animation. We tried to merge the anime style with the flexible cell style though it still looks stiff all over the places haha. we worked on and off for about 5 months and there it is with final rendered form.

Editing and sound

It was quick process for the final compile part. We worked for few days trying to create sounds. We recorded the footsteps, voice, monster’s sound, birds yap and all the effects. And for the music part we used a traditional soundtrack ( local artist) .

And once again the final short.


Pranaya Shakya – Editing, sound and technical

Fursang Tamang – Jr. Artist

Deepak - Animator, artist

Surendra Prajapati – supporting artist

Thank you very much for reading.



ok my friend just requested me to upload my workflow. he really wanted to know how i work with my animation from the starting to the final stage. ok i have uploaded the video files from recently created clip " DRINK". enjoy!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

drink!!!!! just a concept.

hey people!!!
u sure do wanna check this out. a little exercise in animation. i was away from 3d for a wile so i wanted to exercise a bit. well the rigged character is downloaded.
my friend pranaya shakya created dynamics for the liquid boozing out.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Animation in nepal

hello !!!!
our website is finally out. phewwww..........we are still working on adding more stuff.we were busy with creating a few seconds clip just to add into out demo. and besides that due to other personal factors, we couldnt add articles. but stay in touch for the coming up " making of small step " our first animated short.we have a samll team who besides working on big studios devote their extra time workingfrom home and during weekends. thanks to them. we usually correspond via net and meet upsometimes. but at the end it feels great..anyway check this out..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another short " SACRIFICE"

these days we are busy with our new short " SACRIFICE" . This time we are combining 3d and 2d together. our main character " young goat " will be in 3d while the other characters mostly in 2d. This time we are experimenting with colour combinations too. well the 2 minutes short is about a young goat who looses his family. In our country " nepal" animals are sacrificed just to make gods happy and sometimes to wash away sins as a tradition. But whatcould those innocent beings do when they have to see their kinds cut into pieces right infront of then.all they coud do is scream out loud " MAAAAA..........MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
We are done with the story boarding and are going through backgrounds. below are our WIP.
few backgrounds and character designs.

Character designs

last weekend we went to a typical village called " KHOKANA " which was rich in its cultural and artistic values. It was fun studyin those goats, their motin. we could see them all moving freelyin that small village.

with team Ale and Pranaya at " KHOKAHA

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

start up

hi everybody!!!
We are a small team who have a very big interest in animation. and we always keep pushing it. we thought this little space would be helpful for readers and as well as us, so we finally started it. here we will be discussing our works from a very tiny illustrations to animated shorts.
we recently finished a short " small step " and starting to submit online. and also Mz network team approached us asking us if they could air it on the national TV which runs throughout America. we signed a contract for that.
please do visit the following link for the video

we will be soon discussing about the making of " small step" . through character design till the final rendered scene.
keep visiting.
thank you.