Friday, December 18, 2009

Show Case of Small Step at KIMFF

The screening of the Small Step at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) was fun. We didn't win but the applause we got from people when it was screened was an encouragement to us to do even better next time. As I recall something I read in a book back then. It said that becoming first is not that hard but to maintain that position is harder. Today I see a bright future for all those who are in creative fields. Slowly Nepal is also keeping up with the technology and most of all they are becoming more open minded towards new things and gimmicks.
A standing ovation goes to off to KIMFF, and Himal Association for putting on such an event year after year to encourage people to think about issues that generally they are not interested in. Climate Change has been a hot burning issue in the recent years. Despite this fact it’s only been used in the political debts and discussions. Today people living on this planet have to be aware about this situation and change.
Involving younger generations to advocate and to educate their fellow beings is what the need of the hour is. Events like KIMFF is for sure the stepping platform for young and talented creative people.