Thursday, June 17, 2010

whats next????

ok guys here is something we are working on.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

updated !

ok guys !!!a lot of things have happened and i was very busy so couldnt come in and write. anyway within these time we shifted again to a new place though its still small. we setup there. we cleaned it and also we welcomed a new student who is very very interested to learn up what we do. We also did finish three projects out of which two ( music video for chix 6... a femal rock band in US, and a funny dance animation clip for adasport ) and the third one is a 20 seconds of clip done for self development and promos. we learnt a lot from all of these. Im not good at writing stuff so let me put up a pictures and videos!!!.

our working studio at kupondole

moving to a new location

at lazimpat

a music video for chix6 a female rock band in US. the main idea was to created a funny characters and stories . we only had 8 days for idea to complete video.

"sacrifice" a short done inhouse

documentary style shot done for promo and self study.

ok guys ill be adding new pictures from our newstudio at lazimpat and also the team memers shot informations.

we are up to creating another amazing short " seru" and will put up that too. keep visiting

escapeanimation team